MPN is exploring new ways to harness and highlight creative endeavors while we wait to resume live performances of works generated by MPN members following the pandemic.  To this end, we are creating a pilot radio show to air on Montana Public Radio in 2020, called “Montanans At Work!”  This pilot is part of a partnership with the Lewis & Clark County Library in Helena and will feature library careers, past and present, and the ways that libraries intersect with and serve their contemporary communities in Montana. The show features interviews with librarians and others related to libraries, as well as stories of what may happen in libraries.  We already have the writers lined up for this first pilot show, but plan several more installments of “Montanans At Work!” 


In the second show, we plan to highlight the works of game wardens, and will include interviews with game wardens, past and present, and also will feature a radio drama that highlights a story based upon a rookie game warden’s unusual and comedic experience in executing her responsibilities.


Although we welcome script submissions and career suggestions for at least three more installments for “Montanans At Work!”, we also are eager to receive other radio drama scripts to present on Montana Public Radio. We encourage you to dig out your play scripts, stories, non-fiction essays, songs, and poetry that would be easily adapted to the radio format and run no longer than 25 minutes in performance. (If shorter works are submitted, we will find common themes that may combine works for one show.) 


Send your material in standard play script, story, essay or poetry format, and we’ll work with you to adapt it for recording.  (Musicians will be asked to record their songs and lyrics, or arrange for it to be performed.) MPN will

produce the performance recording of the material and will package it for radio.  JOIN US IN THIS NEW AND EXCITING OPPORTUNITY by sending your work today!



Contact MPN at

New Opportunity for MPN Members: