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MPN Membership General Information

Memberships encompass January through December and renew annually.  Members enjoy a variety of benefits that vary according to the interests and needs of individuals and organizations that comprise the Montana Playwrights Network.


In addition to being a part of a thriving network of writers, storytellers, producers, directors, actors, performing arts organizations, business professionals and the public throughout Montana, an MPN membership provides:


1) Affordable annual memberships: Individual, Student, Organizational

2) Greater professional visibility by listing your bio on MPN’s member page on our website 

3) Writing competitions 

4) New play development production opportunities 

5) Public readings and facilitated discussions of new play scripts by Montana playwrights and authors 

6) Training opportunities in playwriting, screenwriting, acting, producing, directing, creative self expression, technical theatre skills and more… 

7) Volunteer opportunities at MPN’s Helena Avenue Theatre

8) Public presentations of original works by Montana writers, musicians, dancers and speakers

9) Social and networking events for its members and the public

Membership Benefits

General Membership Benefits


1. All Members may gain visibility by being listed on our website under membership listings.  Members may submit a twenty-five (25) word bio; and for Organizational Members, in addition to a twenty-five (25) word description of the organization, may also submit a logo.


2. All Members receive three MPN newsletters via email sent every four months every year. 


3. All Members periodically receive notices and press releases of MPN activities and opportunities for play submissions, as well as information about members’ activities and opportunities in Montana in times between the publications of MPN’s newsletters.  


4. All Members have the opportunity to network with each other at social events in various locations around the State of Montana, and at the annual Montana Playwrights Network Conference: Montana Writers Rodeo. 


5. All Members have the opportunity to receive on-going professional development in workshops, special training and information sessions, and feedback from industry professionals to members’ works offered periodically throughout the year, and at the annual conference.  While some of these professional development activities are free to members, some may require a modest fee to cover costs.  Some of these activities are also available to the public.    


6. Attend the Annual Membership meeting in December, at the Helena Avenue Theatre, home of the Montana Playwrights Network.

Individual and Student

Membership Benefits


In addition to General Membership Benefits, Individual and Student Memberships include:


1. Members are eligible to participate in members-only projects, such as the MPN Reading Series, the biennial MT Premiere Project and other selected events.


2.  Members may submit one writing project to be reviewed by an industry professional.  This review is shared between the reviewer and the author only.

Organizational Membership



In addition to General Membership Benefits, Organizational Memberships include:


1. Our Member Organizations benefit from the Network by interacting with other like-minded organizations and institutions that create or produce new plays and creative works such as theatres, performing arts institutions, libraries, training centers and schools.  


2. Member Organizations become part of a dynamic network among organizations and individuals interested in participating in productions of world premieres written by Montana authors of new plays, film, and stories in the State of Montana.

3.  One individual from the Organizational Member's organization may participate in opportunities offered under the Individual/Student Membership Benefits.

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