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MPN Radio Series
"Montanans at Work!"

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Episode 1: "The Montana Librarian"

The first episode features librarians, and contains interviews with Montana librarians, library jokes, stories, and a humorous ballad about a librarian with super powers, as well as a brief historical perspective on early American libraries and Carnegie libraries in Montana, etc. The episode is 30 minutes long. 


Performers: Brian Massman, Kelly Clavin, Melissa Cope, Donna Link, Julie Burrows, Jan Jamruszka-Wilson, Pamela Mencher. Radio series theme song written and composed by Jordan R. Mencher and performed by Jeff Wilson.  "Ballad of Ted Theodora, Montana Librarian" lyrics written by Julie Burrows and composed and performed by Jeff Wilson.  

The Librarian
00:00 / 29:59

Episode 2: "Montana's Game Wardens"

Narrated by Pamela Jamruszka-Mencher, the 2nd episode in the series, "Montana's Game Wardens" features interviews with career professionals: Native American Kqyn Kuka, and Tamie Laverdure-Fitchett. This episode also features an original comedy, You Can Call Me Warden, written by Jan Jamruszka-Wilson, and enacted by Brian Massman and Bailey Osborne.  Series theme song is composed and written by Jordan R. Mencher, and performed by Jeffrey Wilson.  Episode 2 is engineered by Brian Walker and written by Julie Burrows.

Game Wardens
00:00 / 23:04

Episode 3: "Humor from Indian Country"

Narrated by Pamela Jamruszka-Mencher, the 3rd episode in the series, "Humor From Indian Country" highlights Native American humorists, scholars and co-hosts, Mike Jetty and Shane Doyle; features interviews with historian and educator, Joseph Lee Anderson and internationally acclaimed Native dancer and hip hop artist, Christian Takes Gun Parrish, aka: Supaman; and music performed by Native American flute player: Rachel Twoteeth Pichardo.  Series theme song is composed and written by Jordan R. Mencher and performed by Jeffrey Wilson.  Episode 3 is engineered by Brian Walker.

Humor from Indian Country
00:00 / 44:31

Episode 4: "Montana Entrepreneurs"

"Montana Entrepreneurs" features several enterprising individuals with thriving businesses, plus an informative historical perspective of the lively entrepreneurial spirit prevalent in communities throughout Big Sky Country.   

Montana Entrepreneurs
00:00 / 30:54
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