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This exciting event offered by the Montana Playwrights Network (MPN) will be in the Helena area on May 5 and September 15.

The May 5 session features three inspirational and practical workshops offered by regional professionals, as well as a short session introducing the terms of the 2018 Writer's Challenge. This unique occasion will challenge participants to create original works in poetry, short stories, essays, nonfiction, memoirs, short plays, cowboy poetry, music and storytelling. All participating entries will be adjudicated by a panel of experts who will also choose a variety of these works to be presented publicly in the second phase on September 15*.

This exclusive opportunity is open to everyone, and is free to current members of the Montana Playwrights Network. (Members will need to pay a $10 refreshment fee for lunch, beverages and snacks for the May 5 event.) The registration fee for non-members is $45 for all events offered on May 5 and includes refreshments available throughout the day.

For the public performances on Sept. 15, admission for all attendees is $10. Click here to register for both events.

* Selected works illustrating the "Montana Experience" and submitted to the 2018 Writer's Challenge will also be considered for MPN's ongoing "Montana Monologues" project.

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May 5 Events


Take Your Writing to the Next Level

There's a whole market waiting to devour new books, movies, and plays. This workshop will help you develop your writing so that it gets noticed. Poets, playwrights, and novelists alike are sure to find something that will help their writing reach its full potential. Through the various exercises and discussions, you'll be given plenty of tools and tips to take home.

MINDY FINDEN is a professional editor and senior technical writer. She has more than 20 years' experience in writing and editing for companies across the United States. Mindy has a Master's in Education and a passion for helping new authors get their start. She has been teaching the popular class "So You Want to Write a Book" since the spring of 2016.

Your Life ... Is Your Story!

Following the school of thought "Write what you know!," actor, writer, and director Leah Joki leads a workshop on how to build a play utilizing your most significant resource, your life experiences.

LEAH JOKI has extensively taught in prisons and was profiled by The Los Angeles Times, American Theatre Magazine, and The LA Weekly. Credits include writing and performing "Prison Boxing," nominated for Best Solo Performance in Los Angeles; her memoir, Juilliard to Jail, is in development with Joe Manganiello's company; and plays include The Year of Baldwin, Sheets, The Poppovichs, The Big Picture, and Time Will Tell. Recently she devised and directed the play Fathers and Sons with inmates in a maximum-security prison.

After You Write A Play ...

Your script is done; what's next? Find out what contemporary playwrights, actors, producers, designers, and directors at all levels need to know about the steps between writing a script and final production. This workshop offers practical advice and methods of navigating the process of new play development.

PAMELA JAMRUSZKA MENCHER is a producer, director, playwright, and college professor. She now spends her time writing, painting, sewing, and presenting workshops throughout Montana, and serving as president of the Montana Playwrights Network. Her plays have been produced thought the United States, and she recently published Acting Skills for Life and for Work, a book for those interested in applying acting skills in everyday life.

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three May 5 workshops

MPN Members: $10 refreshment fee

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Non-Members: $45 registration fee

(includes refreshments)

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NOTE: The cost of Individual Membership in the Montana Playwrights Network is $35.

If you join now, you will pay only the $10 refreshment fee for the Challenge. 

2018 Writer's Challenge

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