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New! MPN Radio Show: Montanans At Work!

The Montana Playwrights Network is happy to share its latest project: a radio series called, "Montanans At Work!"  The series highlights different careers and areas of employment in the Treasure State, and will air on radio stations around Montana. 

The first episode features librarians, and contains interviews with Montana librarians, library jokes, stories, and a humorous ballad about a librarian with super powers, as well as a brief historical perspective on early American libraries and Carnegie libraries in Montana, etc. The episode is 30 minutes long.   

The Librarian
00:00 / 29:59

Performers: Brian Massman, Kelly Clavin, Melissa Cope, Donna Link, Julie Burrows, Jan Jamruszka-Wilson, Pamela Mencher. Radio series theme song written and composed by Jordan R. Mencher and performed by Jeff Wilson.  "Ballad of Ted Theodora, Montana Librarian" lyrics written by Julie Burrows and composed and performed by Jeff Wilson.  

Upcoming episodes will highlight game wardens (August 2021), Native Americans (October 2021), and seasonal employment (December 2021). Stay tuned!

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“Most of the use of story is the fundamental instrument of thought. Rational capacities depend on it. It is our chief means of looking into the future, of predicting, planning, and of explaining … most of our experience, our knowledge; our thinking is organized as stories.”

- Mark Turner, author of The Literary Mind